At birth the bones of the skull can be likened to soft islands in a balloon of fluid.  This allows the baby to make the journey through the birth canal. As a consequence of birth and early experiences, areas of the body may become restricted or compressed, resulting in many common problems that babies experience. However, in our early years of life the ability for release is greater as the bones have not yet formed. Such restrictions may resolve by themselves; sometimes they require a helping hand.

What does Craniosacral Therapy treatment with my child involve?

Prior to the first session I will ask you to complete a form with details of your baby’s/child’s birth and family history.

It is important that there is the time and space to explore what is happening for your child and to give them the freedom to openly express and communicate. For babies it is beneficial to be treated during feeding, as baby is in direct relationship with mum and settled.

It is essential that the little one feels a sense of containment and safety, and as such mum (or primary care giver), is encouraged to be close by and in direct contact with the child where possible.

At times during the session I will place my hands gently on different parts of the body to sense and work with restrictions in the tissues, fluids and nervous system of the little one. It is common to work with mum and baby together; this is because at early ages their two systems are reflective of each other; they are one. It also benefits bonding, and can help mum to relax too.

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I run a weekly clinic for mothers and babies at Brighton & Hove Therapies every Monday morning.  Please contact me to book an appointment.